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Kid Tested: Hasbro’s Chuck Stunt Park

Chuck’s Stunt Park is Hasbro’s latest addition to the popular Chuck the Dump Truck line of toys.

chuck stunt park

Early last year I had the chance to preview the set before it was released and loved it.  Both of my boys play with trucks constantly and I knew that they would like a group of dump trucks that flip upside down and do tricks.

So, for Christmas this year my parents bought my youngest Chuck’s Stunt Park and he was thrilled.

Out of the box, it only took me about 20 minutes to put the whole set together.  Hasbro includes a good set of instructions that showed me step-by-step how to put the park together.

Handy's Hangtime Bridge Once assembled I was impressed by how well the truck navigated the course.  Designed with a double geared set of wheels, each truck rides along on a  geared track flipping and turning through the bridges and rigs.  The main track is fun because kids need to scoop their truck up to give it a bit of a hand to get onto the track.  Once up, the set makes noises that correspond with the truck flipping that add to the personality of the toy.

To add to the excitement the stunt park can be expanded with add-on set’s for more play options.  To ensure that the boys made the most of the set be also bought them an extra car, which comes with a small ramp to make it drive on 2 wheels.

We also got them Handy’s Hangtime Bridge Playset to add to the mix and it is cool because you can remove the ramp the trucks can skip the bridge drop and drive underneath.

I recommend this stunt park for kids 2+.  Hasbro rates it for 3+, but my youngest has had no problem understanding the concept or maneuvering the trucks through the course.  It doesn’t have any parts that he can choke on and the trucks are the perfect size to fit in his hands. He can’t put it back together if a piece of the set comes apart, but he can play with it appropriately if we set everything up.

If asked, the only thing I would change would be to have the off switch (the license plate) flush with the bumper so that the truck turns off when it runs into a wall.  Currently, it just keeps going and going until you come and rescue it.

Chuck’s Stunt Park is a great addition to an already popular line of toys with lots of personality.  It’s also a good birthday gift idea for a friend or family member – boy or girl!

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*samples were not provided for this review.  Both the Chuck Stunt Park & Handy’s Hangtime Bridge were gifts*

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