Lucia Soldani Joins Her Brothers At Home for Thanksgiving

Today, Brian and Gracie Soldani had many things to be thankful for.

The couple welcomed sextuplets: Bruno, Santino, Joely, Lucia, Bailey and Briana on September 12 of this year. Three of the babies were born alive and sadly, three were not.

The two boys came home the week of Halloween leaving their sister in the hospital to grow and learn how to manage without oxygen.

Lucia made a her surprise arrival home on Wednesday in time for turkey day, after she passed all of her tests.

Gracie wrote on her blog that as she was cooking in her newly finished kitchen, listening to her two boys cry, when she received a call from her husband – delivering the good news.

She continued writing:

When Brian and Lucia came in we put all three kids together for some family time and a huge silence came over the room. It was what is going to be the first of many sad feelings of what was supposed to be that isn’t. I felt the loss of my others girls as did Brian. No words, but our emotion spoke louder than words. We have to remember that we do have three here, and three guardian angels looking out for Bruno, Santino and Lucia always.

The fun has just begun. Let’s hope that friends and family are able to help them make an easy adjustment.

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