Marc Mezvinsky and Chelsea Clinton Show Off Their Baby Boy!

An excited Bill and Hilary Clinton stood on the steps of Lennox Hill hospital on Monday with daughter Chelsea and son-in-law Marc Mezvinsky to introduce their newest grandchild Aidan Clinton Mezvinsky to the world.

Marc Mezvinsky, Chelsea Clinton and son Aidan Clinton Mezvinsky leave the hospital in NYC

Just like they did almost 2 years ago when Chelsea welcomed her daughter Charlotte, the family waved to well wishers before heading home with their new baby.

The new mama beamed as cradled her little guy in her arms.

Marc Mezvinsky, Chelsea Clinton, Aidan Clinton Mezvinsky leave the hospital in NYC

Aiden made his debut on Saturday morning.  Eight hours later Chelsea announced his arrival on twitter, while sharing the first picture of the newborn.

Shortly after Bill shared a photo of himself and Marc with the baby.

And just like they did when Charlotte was born, Bill and Hillary shared a photo of the two of them with their new grandchild.

Congratulations to the family!



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  • Very little in public life is what it appears. And when it comes to Chelsea Clinton, a woman who has been in the limelight from her first breath, and who grew up in the White House as the only daughter of Bill and Hillary, very little that is revealed about her is true. As the daughter of a two-term President and the daughter of a woman running for President, her image is shaped by a propaganda machine. Nothing about Chelsea Clinton is what it appears to be.

    And just look at her tweet about the new baby. It is so overdone. It overstates that which is very doubtful indeed: that the child belongs to her husband. And that which is overdone in the public arena is rarely true. She starts off with her husband’s name and says “we celebrate” and “our son” in an effort to drive home the idea that it is his son.

    But the father of the boy is a controversial matter.

    When it comes to celebrities, so much is fiction. Chelsea’s marriage may well be a marriage in appearance only. And when it comes to a woman who is known the world over, and is sexually desirable the world over, her choice of the man who will give her a child does not have to be the person who appears to the world to be her husband. Nor is there a good reason for her to conceive within the confines of her marriage.

    And it is a marriage that is somewhat of a sham. Chelsea Clinton is incapable of falling in love. She never had a normal childhood or a normal life. She is more of a machine and less of a feeling and emotional being.

    So her marriage is purely for public consumption. No feelings and no love.

    This is not a normal woman. She just doesn’t get married and have children with her husband the way normal people do.

    And so two possibilities emerge.

    The first possibility is that there is a man out there who is obsessed with her and has been obsessed with her ever since she was in the White House. A very wealthy man who will pay any amount she desires to have a child with her. We are not talking about sex. That she can do with so many men and at a much lower price. Something very reasonable but obviously not too cheap. That awesome butt of hers will never be on the market for pennies. But depending on the time of the year and her schedule, she may be able to accommodate the reasonably wealthy at their price.

    But having a child with her is an entirely different matter. She is using up her womb for nine months and no matter how many children she will have the number is surely limited.

    Her butt, on the other hand, if it is sturdy enough, as it surely is, can handle limitless action. And hold gallons of milk.

    And so he who will have a child with this internationally renowned daughter, the only daughter of Bill and Hillary, will be the highest bidder. And there are some mighty high bidders out there.

    The second possibility is this: the spermatozoa of her father was used. Again, the PR talk from Bill and Hillary about their new “grandson” is overdone, suggesting perhaps that Bill may be the father. Both Bill and Chelsea have powerful motives: Bill always regrets that he had only one child and Chelsea wants to be like her mother and conceive with a President of the United States. It is also fascinating from a genetic standpoint: the genes of the child would have a father who was President and a grandfather who was President. Surely geneticists will spend a lifetime observing this offspring to see how it behaves and what will come of it.

    No DNA test would ever trace Chelsea’s child back to her father because surely any DNA test that will be done will be carefully rigged to ensure the proper and only acceptable outcome of the test. How much does it cost to rig a DNA test? Surely the Clintons would know the exact figure.

    And so the only question that remains is how Chelsea was impregnated with her father’s spermatozoa. Was it artificial insemination or was it the real deal? It all depends on whether Bill Clinton can psychologically achieve an erection at the sight of his daughter.

    Chelsea Clinton is a gorgeous and exciting woman. Thinking about her and touching the male organ has brought men all over the world to a climax time and time again. And we will never tell anyone how old she was when we began thinking about her in a sexual way.

    Bill Clinton has seen daughter Chelsea grow up into the gorgeous woman that she is today. But we will never know at what age she began to arouse his interest. Nor are we likely to know her age when he stopped seeing her naked at home.

    But to conceive a child with her he had to see her naked. Real sex is always preferable to artificial insemination. He may have been unable to achieve an erection as she stood naked before him because she is his own flesh and blood. In that case artificial insemination would have been pursued.

    But as she stood naked before him he surely became aroused. She could see it. And she was pleased.

    She went down on him as Monica had done before her. But she wasn’t going to let his excitement go to waste on a navy-blue dress as Monica had done. Because there was no navy-blue dress. There was no dress at all.

    Chelsea was completely naked. She mounted him as he lay flat. And she wasn’t going to end the ride until he climaxed inside of her. Her stunning beauty was too much for him to resist her. He came inside his own flesh and blood.

    When Chelsea Clinton is totally naked she has the beauty and the sexual power to create a life inside of her. A beauty so stunning and a sexual power so intense as to create a child whose father and grandfather are one. One President.

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