Multiple Births

Massachusetts Couples Produce The Most Multiples

When it comes to having multiples in the U.S. Massachusetts couples produce the largest number of twins, triplets and other multiple births according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The state earned the title national capital of multiple birth because it has a rather large number of pregnant older women who have a higher number of multiple pregnancies because of fertility treatments.

Latest data said 4.5 twins were born to every 100 Massachusetts women who had a live birth, in contrast to a 3.2 national average. The state was followed by New Jersey and Connecticut, which tied for second place on twin births, with 4.2 twins for every 100 births.

The rising number of multiple births in the Massachusetts has led to school-related challenges like lack of three classes per grade for parents who want to place their triplets in separate classes.

Across the U.S., there were 133,122 twin births, 6,208 triplet births, 418 quadruplet births and 68 quintuplets and higher order births recorded in 2005.

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