Michigan Mother Makes Suspended Son Pick Up Roadside Trash

This story isn’t baby related , but it is parent related. Sometimes as a parent you have to think outside of the box when your kids act up.

This mom found a creative way to teach her son that disrestable behaviour at school will not be tolerated.

Her son was suspended from school for roughhousing with a teacher so she punished him by making him wear a sign and pick up litter while walking five miles down a city street.

Travis Griffin earned the 10-day suspension from Creston High School after putting a teacher in a headlock while horsing around Thursday.

His mother, Veronica Griffin, wouldn’t let him stay home and wanted to teach him a lesson. So she had the 15-year-old wear a sign on his back that read, “I made a bad choice in school now I’m living with it.”

“He has to know when his actions are not appropriate that there could be consequences to those actions and those consequences could be humiliating,” Veronica told WOOD-TV Friday.

For his part, Travis said he picked up trash, was chased by dogs and stared at by passers-by.

“Walking with the sign I didn’t care too much about,” he told WZZM-TV. “Picking up the trash, yeah, I did care about that. I thought that was a little humiliating.”

He said he’s learned his lesson.

“I know I am not going to do that again, put teachers in a full nelson,” Travis said. “Although, I was joking around with him and he took it too seriously.”

Humiliation works. Good for her! Her son now knows she means business.


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