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Mom Blames Great Store Sale for Leaving Child in Hot Car

Is this story a joke???

A 63-year-old woman blamed a great sale for the reason she left her small child locked inside a sweltering car for an hour.

Eileen Amy Politano, of North Fort Myers, Fla., was charged with felony child neglect Friday after leaving an 11-month-old girl in a car while she went into a grocery store.

Store employees said they saw the girl crying in the car and were able to rescue her before police arrived. Outside temperature were upward of 85 degrees.

Politano told police she intended to run into the store for a few minutes to buy some meat for dinner, but said there were too many specials to pass up.

When medical personnel asked Politano to give the child something to drink, she reportedly reached into her car and grabbed a bottle of spoiled formula.

Politano was released on $1,500 bond.

Who leaves their 11 month old child in the car while they grocery shop???? I am so frustrated at the number of incompetent parents out there. This is the first abandoned baby story this week, but there were 2 last week (1 died, 1 was saved) and 3 the week before.

Are you telling me that you took the time to load the baby and all of their gear into the car before the trip began but can’t remember that the child is there when you get to your destination?

In this case, you were just too lazy to remove them from their car seat and pop them into the shopping cart while you pick up dinner?

They spend 10 months growing in your belly, many months after that growing and thriving and then you just leave them in the car while you shop for an hour…I just don’t get it.



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