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Mom Gives Birth In Parking Lot After Hospital Refuses Admittance

A woman was forced to deliver her premature baby in the back seat of a car after a private hospital in Dubai rejected admitting her because it didn’t have the facilities to look after a premature baby.

The 25-year-old woman arrived at the hospital 35 weeks pregnant and in labour, but was asked to leave because they were not equipped to deal with premature babies.

Hospital staff carried her on a stretcher to her friend’s car and left her there. “I thought they [were] taking me to an ambulance and another hospital as I was in severe pain,” she said.

Then the woman’s water broke.

“Within a few minutes I saw the baby crying on the back seat of the car,” she said.

After her water broke, a friend went back into the hospital looking for help. Seven doctors came out to assist in time for one cut the umbilical cord. The woman was taken into the emergency ward as she was bleeding heavily.

She suffered three episodes of cardiorespiratory arrest. The baby also is suffering from breathing trouble.

Both mom and baby were taken to a government hospital that had an incubator for the newborn.

According to the hospital report the baby girl is in critical condition suffering from bleeding in the brain. The report notes the baby stopped breathing three times.

In Dubai Health Department rules state that patients who are three terms, less than 35 weeks, are not allowed to be treated in private hospitals because they are not equipped with NICU’s.

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