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Mother, 62, Gives Birth to Twins After IVF Treatment

A Bulgarian mom is is believed to be only the second ever successful case of IVF resulting in a mother over 60 after she welcomed a set of prematurely born twins.

After wanting a family for years, Psychiatrist Krasimira Dimitrova sought treatment when she was not allowed to adopt because of her age.  She was initially impregnated with triplets but medics decided to remove one of the embryos.

‘Age was not an obstacle for me. I so much wanted to have children. I would not like to look too much in the future. I hope that the babies will be well.’

The twins are said to be ‘in good health’ despite being born prematurely and only weighing less than 1 kilogram.

The 62-year-old mom is not alone in her quest to be a mom very late in life:

  • In July 2008, a woman who was said to be aged 70 gave birth to twins in India’s northern Uttar Pradesh after IVF treatment.
  • Omkari Panwar had no birth certificate but maintained she was nine years old when the British left India in 1947.
  • A woman said to be 65 gave birth to a boy in India’s eastern Orissa state in 2003.
  • Last year a 60-year-old Calgary woman welcomed twins

I’m personally not a fan of this new trend. It’s not fair to the kids to have a parent that is in retirement AND at best, they will only get maybe a quarter of their life with them.

After the babies arrival made the news an age cap on births was been demanded by the head of the Parliamentary Health Committee.

Health Committee Chair, Lachezar Ivanov, spoke in favor of a motherhood age limit saying, “Science is progressing but we need an age limit for the women who want to give birth with medical assistance.”



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  • I couldn’t agree more with you. I mean, parents can die at any age (my father died at 16) but if you start at 60 chances are you don’t have 50 more ahead of you. ..

    And those twins don’t look well at all. Poor things, I hope they turn out alright.

  • I think a woman has the right to have a baby at any age she wants. Lachezar Ivanov did not say why there should be an age limit. As science progresses so must the bureaucrats… and the ageist bigots.

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