Mozambique Mom Gives Birth In A Tree

Childbirth. An act that can be so painful it can paralyze a woman temporarily. One mom not only gave birth alone but she did it while in a tree while clinging to her two-year-old while escaping floods in central Mozambique caused by Cyclone Idai.

The single mother named Amélia shocked many by delivering her daughter, Sara, whilst clinging to the branches with her two-year-old son.

Mother Amelia delivered her daughter Sara in a tree

The family remained in the tree for two days until they were rescued by neighbours, following the storms that have killed more than 700 people.

“I was at home with my two-year-old son when suddenly, without warning, the water began to enter the house,” she told the UN children’s agency Unicef.

“I had no choice but to climb a tree, I was alone with my son.”

The new mom and children, who are now staying temporarily in nearby Dombe, and are reportedly in good health.

Speaking with local newspaper Mail and Guardian, Sofia said the birth was “very, very painful.”

“I was crying, screaming. Sometimes I thought the baby was coming, but other times I thought it was because of hunger.”

Adding, “A lot of people lost everything in the floods, but I gained something.”


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