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Nancy Grace Shows Off Lucy and John David

New mom Nancy Grace showed off her 5 month old twins in a photo album posted online yesterday at CNN.com

John David(left) and Lucy were born at 32 weeks gestation in November. The babies were hospitalized for three weeks after their arrival but are doing well at home with their parents.

After they were released Nancy said on her CNN page,

Being in the hospital for those two weeks was really something, but leaving the twins behind when I was discharged was the worst. Then, after John David came home, I could hardly stand leaving little Lucy there alone each day.

I am the happiest person in the world now that we are all together again. They still quiet down when I sing to them, the same old songs. Today, I held them, alternating one then the other, for five straight hours! We spent the afternoon, them eating and sleeping, I just watched their faces.

John David weighed 5 pounds, 1 ounce at birth, while Lucy Elizabeth weighed 2 pounds, 15 ounces.  They look like they are definitely getting bigger!





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  • I am so happy for you and David! You are truly blessed, and an absolute huge inspiration to me as I try to conceive at 43! Thanks Nancy for sharing these priceless personal moments with your media family!


  • Nancy….I love to hear all about you and the twins….how adorable they are. You have been thru so much and I am so happy you found true love and are now the mother to such beautiful babies! Keep posting updated photos….love them! I watch you show all the time….you are the best. rosemary

  • Nancy I am 47 may I aske you are the twins your eggs?
    I can see they are your hubbies as man o man they look like him. I couldn’t ever have the big a SO i NEED TO MAKE A CHOICE …and dr claims I have a 4 out of 5 chance of them being downs
    please give me a note I respect and love you so much

    TrustEngGod@gmail. com

  • Nancy my 3 lil kids and i love you & I watch you EVERY…everynight.. @ 8:pm. 10pm & sometimes 1:am.
    Nancy sometimes a mom has @ give up sleep to have her owntime out. I am a Domestic violence survivor ,3generations & i broke the cycle in MY family. Sinlge mom for4yrs now!! Iam proud of me Nancy!!

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