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2-1/2 ft tall Mom Delivers Healthy 4-1/2 Pound Baby

Times of India is reporting that 18-year-old Meena Dheemar, just two-and-a-half feet tall, gave birth to a baby boy in that country.

A team of four doctors conducted a caesarean operation on the pregnant mother on Saturday, three weeks before due date of delivery as, doctors said, her small bone structure could no longer hold the baby in her womb.

“What made the case special were the parents of the child. Not only is the mother a dwarf, the father is crippled by polio. He can only crawl and drag himself on the ground,”said Dr P K Shrivastava, the surgeon who led the operation. “Given her small physique, anaesthesia and surgery were a challenge.”

Though Meena’s bone structure is very small, her baby had been growing to a normal size in the womb, posing a major concern for the doctors as the two-and-half feet mother was carrying a two-kg baby.

Even though Meena and her husband Manoj are happy to be parents, neither one works, so they live with Meena’s parents.

Doctors have told the new mom that she shouldn’t get pregnant again. A second pregnancy will endanger her life.


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  • I think little people has the right to live. Just like us full size people. I think little people are cool.My best Friend stands 3ft 4in and he thinks that he just like full size person


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