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New Hampshire Family Trying To Survive On Just $1,500 Year

During this tough economic time many families have had to change how they spend money, cutting back on unnecessary purchases.

A family of four in New Hampshire has taken this principle to the extreme by giving themselves just $1,500 (or $125/month) for their groceries, household items and personal care expenses for an entire year.

To accomplish their goal this family has developed a new system of shopping that includes stockpiling foods and paying close attention to coupons and sales.

“My first inclination was, wow, that’s not that much money,’” they told “But, hey, if we can do it it’ll save us a lot of money.”

And save they have. The couple said so far this year their average grocery bill is only $125 a month.

In addition to clipping coupons, the family shop at specific stores for certain items and have adjusted the way they plan meals.

“If I have chicken and ground beef and cucumbers and carrots and peppers that I need to use this week, then I’ll take all of that and I will look for recipes for those items,” the mom told the news outlet.

I am not sure if this is possible, unless they plan on making a lot of soup over the next year.

I have cut back substantially over the last few months and we still spend about $350/month on groceries. This wouldn’t be possible in our house. We like our munchies too much!

*The family’s name has been removed*


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