PETA Holds A Naked, Pregnant Protest Outside Jamie Oliver’s Restaurant

The PETA people have done it again…

Two naked heavily pregnant PETA campaigners placed themselves in cages outside Jamie Oliver’s north London restaurant to protest against his endorsement of British pork.

PETA Holds A Naked, Pregnant Protest Outside Jamie Oliver's Restaurant

In a recent T.V. program, ‘Jamie Saves Our Bacon’, the chef showed the conditions in European pig farms where sows are kept for about four months in individual cages through pregnancy.

He urged people to buy British pork saying that conditions for pig rearing are more humane in the UK.

But Peta said: “The answer to saving pigs is not to buy British pork, it’s to go vegetarian.”

Regardless of how I felt about animal rights, you would NEVER find me 34-36 weeks pregnant, naked, in a cage – on the street.

These women need to find a new way to make their point…


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  • I think this is a striking way to get a very serious point across. These woman are able to show empathy for millions of ill treated pregnant pigs (not to mention the cruetly to millions of other animals). It would be nice if other humans could spare a few thoughts for the creatures we share our planet with. We all breathe, we all have babies who need us.

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