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Pink Talks Pregnancy Cravings & Mood Swings

Pink & husband Carey Hart arriving @ American Music Awards

Pink & husband Carey Hart arriving @ American Music Awards

Pink announced her pregnancy to the world on the Ellen Degeneres show earlier this month, and now she is revealing all the things she is experiencing as a new mother-to-be.

During a recent interview with Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush she talked about pregnancy cravings.

“Sour Patch Kids, or Sour Skittles, sour anything”, the singer revealed

The hormones are also playing havoc on her moods, and she is dealing with rage issues. An incident at Bed, Bath & Beyond had her ready to kill a driver that she came across in the parking lot.

“There was this man, and he was very rude. Something about Bed Bath and Beyond brings out the worst in people. This man wanted a parking spot and he honked at me and he was literally an inch from my ear drum… I [went over to his car] and he acted like he couldn’t see me, and then he acted like he couldn’t speak any English. I think he realized I was going to kill him!”

Pink has always had an honest and vocal personality. The hormones raging inside her are only bringing that natural Pink attitude to new levels and she’s only three months pregnant!

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