Preemie Profile: Sophia and Alina

This dynamic duo, known as Alina and Sophia, came into the world on August 13th 2005, at 26 weeks gestation.

Alina was the heavy weight born at 810 grams, while Sophia weighed in at 790 grams. Sophia came home two weeks before her due date, while Alina spent nine months and three weeks in the NICU. Sophia came out of prematurity relatively unscathed, while Alina has many battle scars that tell the story of an unbelievable journey of strength, courage and an amazing fight for life. Alina is ventilator dependent and has been diagnosed with severe bronchopulmonary dysplasia, ROP, and hydrocephalus. Sophia has been diagnosed with having too much energy.

These super sisters have endured all, and still manage to be the happiest of heroines. They are changing the world, one villain at a time. The girls have shown us how beautiful life can be, through their super powers they have taught us to live, love, and laugh!




Please do what you can to support an organization that is leading the campaign to reduce premature birth by supporting research and by educating the public and health care providers.

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