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Product Review: Label Daddy

Now that we have 2 kids, differentiating between their stuff is a must.

Mr. 3-year-old has become very possessive of his stuff causing us to look for ways to show him who’s stuff is who’s.

That’s how I was introduced to Label Daddy, a great company that allows parents to create one of a kind labels for their kids stuff.

This is perfect for your social little one who might attend daycare, go on play dates or participate in sports.

I can’t count the number of times we have been out and there has been another child with the same bottle or sippy cup as us. Having one of these labels on your stuff will ensure that your child will come home with all of the stuff they brought to a party or play date.

They can also be especially useful for kids who have allergies or special needs. The bright, vibrant colors will catch the attention and remind anyone who doesn’t know which foods or medicines are harmful.

When our labels arrived I was pleasantly surprised at how well they stuck to anything I placed them on. They are thin, but mighty.

Most Label Daddy labels are microwave safe, dishwasher safe, Water resistant and UV resistant. This makes them great for beach toys, books or lunch boxes.

Our son has wanted his labels placed on anything that he thinks the baby might want like his ipod, trucks and his prized dinosaur collection.

The labels have a had great staying power and have hung on to all of the toys even though we have carted them throughout the house and out to grandma and grampa’s house.

For an idea of their selection, please visit

In addition to kids products, the company also offers return address labels, spice labels and photo stickers.



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