RadiaShield Introduces “Belly Armor” Designed to Protect Against Radiation

Radiation, put simply, is energy traveling through space. Exposure to the strongest form of radiation exposure, otherwise known as ionizing radiation, comes from x-rays and gamma rays. Even a small dose of this type of radiation can be dangerous. This type of exposure, however, is very limited for most people. There is, however, another type of radiation that most of us fail to even think about, and it comes from products most people use each and every day.

Low energy radiation, otherwise known as non-ionizing radiation, is transmitted through many types of everyday devices – microwaves, mp3 players, PDAs, laptops, computers, cell phones, televisions, power lines, gaming systems, portable media devices and more. While these devices transmit very little radiation, our exposure to them is extremely high. And as each day, each month, each year passes, we are exposed to more and more radiation through our daily activities.

Currently, there is very little research on the dangers of radiation exposure, particularly low energy exposure. The research that has been done, however, has linked radiation exposure during pregnancy to miscarriage, childhood leukemia, cancer, autism and other birth defects. Radiation exposure during childhood has also been linked to a multitude of health complications.

In addition to the current research, assessments conducted by organizations such as the World Health Organization, the Environmental Working Group, the European Commission and the FCC, have found evidence strong enough to recommend that we limit our exposure. The precaution is even more important for pregnant women and young children because of the effect radiation can have on development.

To help pregnant women reduce their exposure to radiation, RadiaShield has created a line of shielding devices named “Belly Armor.” In their product line, RadiaShield offers “The Belly Blanket,” “The Belly Tee,” and “The Belly Band.”

The Belly Blanket is best used for home purposes, like watching television, playing gaming systems, or using a laptop or computer. It drapes over your belly, and according to RadiaShield, it is 99.9% effective at blocking your baby from low-energy radiation.

The Belly Tee is a basic undershirt that can be worn as protection against everyday radiation, no matter where you go. According to RadiaShield, the Belly Tee effectively blocks 99.9% of all low energy radiation waves.

The Belly Band is designed for mothers who prefer a looser fit to their clothing. Additionally, this product can be used underneath any of your current maternity clothing, saving you from restocking your entire maternity wardrobe. Like all of the other RadiaShield products, the Belly Band is supposed to be 99.9% effective at blocking low energy radiation waves.

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