RECALL: 70,000 Bracelets and Rings Due To High Levels Of Cadmium

More than 70,000 charm bracelets and rings were recalled this week over high levels of toxic cadmium. The children’s jewelry was being given out for free to children at many doctor and dentist offices over the last five years. Like many other recalls, the jewelry was made in China.

Children’s Happy Charm Bracelets

The Consumer Product Safety Commission recall of this jewelry makes the fourth recall this year of jewelry with high levels of cadmium. The toxic metal is a known carcinogen, and many lawmakers have suggested a ban on cadmium due to the risks it poses. Regulators in the US worry that children who chew, bite, or suck on the jewelry can ingest dangerous levels of the metal.

Parents are urged to throw away any of the recalled jewelry immediately. This includes more than 66,000 “Children’s Happy Charm Bracelets”, the bracelets feature a single metal charm shaped like a butterfly, moon or sun and have small colored beads. There are also over 2,000 adjustable rings that feature a metal football-shaped charm. These pieces were distributed to doctor and dentist offices across the US between June 2005 and March 2010.

The company that imported the jewelry, Toy Network LLC of Indianola, said they stopped importing these toys due to testing that showed cadmium in high levels. Currently, companies are not federally required to test for cadmium in children’s jewelry. After 2008 law banned lead from children’s toys, many Chinese toy manufacturers began using cadmium instead.

The distributor of the toys, SmileMakers Inc., of Spartanburg, S.C, is working with the CPSC to recall all of the jewelry. – Summer Minor, staff writer

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