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Sleep Like A Princess in the Royal Room At Port Orleans Riverside WDW

The Royal Rooms at Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside were undoubtedly created from the dreams of every Disney fan.

While planning a trip to Walt Disney World, paying the additional $30/night to stay in the Royal room wasn’t even a question. As soon as I saw the headboards that light up with fireworks I was sold, but there is so much more to this room for Disney lovers!

When you enter the room, the heating and air conditioning unit has been decorated to look like a chest – complete with a royal blue granite top. The chest is framed by gorgeous blue and gold swagged curtains.

The small dining table has a letter from Tiana embedded in with and two regal chairs to match.

WDW Port Orleans Riverside Royal Room - dining table

Over top of the table is a round medieval chandelier with some hidden mickeys embedded into the bronze scrolling around the outside.

WDW Port Orleans Riverside Royal Room - hanging lamp hidden mickeys

While this room is clearly a Princess room, there is a nod to the famous Princes in Disney’s World. Two scrolls hang on each side of the oval mirror with the profiles of Naveen, Prince Charming, Phillip, and Aladdin.

WDW Port Orleans Riverside Royal Room - prince's scroll wall

The dresser in the middle of the room continues the theme with gold scrolling around the flat screen TV and drawers. This hutch holds the room’s fridge, a single serve coffee maker and ice bucket. Our room also came with bug spray as Zika is still an issue in Florida.

WDW Port Orleans Riverside Royal Room - tv hutch

Beside the dresser is holographic image of Princess Tiana and a bench with claw feet below it.

WDW Port Orleans Riverside Royal Room - bench and Tiana holograph

The wall beside the second queen bed has framed pictures of 7 princesses including Belle, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Ariel, Jasmine, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White.

WDW Port Orleans Riverside Royal Room - princess wall

My favorite part of the room, however, is the illuminated headboard. Thirty seconds in length, Disney has designed it so the lily pad from Princess and the Frog lights up through the water and projects fireworks into the sky. This really won my boys over. There were less impressed by the frills and Princess theme, but sat and watched the headboard show 4-5 times when we arrived and a couple times each night before bed.

WDW Port Orleans Riverside Royal Room - bed

Continuing on with the theme, there is an ornate hutch in the middle of the room that holds the Flat Screen TV, unstocked bar fridge, and coffee maker.

At the end of the room is the washroom with separate toilet and shower area. At the entrance is a golden curtain rod that holds another set of beautiful curtains.

WDW Port Orleans Riverside Royal Room - shower

The gorgeous blue granite from the chest at the front door has been carried through to the bathroom counter and stoop at the back of the tub. The faucet is shaped like Alladin’s lamp and all of the fixtures are gold including the light switch plates, shower head and towel holders.

WDW Port Orleans Riverside Royal Room - bathroom faucet

The wallpaper border in the prep area is adorned with some of the princesses pets, while the border in the main room has Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather floating through the ribbon.

WDW Port Orleans Riverside Royal Room - wall banner with fairy godmothers

There are even hidden Mickey’s in the granite border in the bath tub area.

The details Disney has packed into this room are impressive. Each time I looked around, I would spot something new. Staying in this themed room was definitely a highlight for me.



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