Some Parents To Offer Other Goodies Instead Of Candy For Halloween

While many people will head off to their local grocery store and stock up on chips, chocolate bars and candies for Halloween, many people are opting to give stickers, Play-Doh or glow sticks.

With about 30 percent of our children ages 2 to 19 fighting obesity issues and the rising costs of Halloween candy, some parents are finding creative ways to keep their kids happy and healthy.

I thought about doing this last year, but my husband stopped me saying that kids expected candy and not toys. He was worried that it wouldn’t go over well and our house would get egged…

Because we didn’t get a lot of kids last year, I may re-visit this idea.

Here are a few non-candy Halloween toys that are on my list.

I found them at Nobbieparties.com and Orientaltrading.com *some of these products may contain phthlates, which is why I am still on the fence*


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