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South Carolina Quintuplets ‘Little Fighters’

I reported last week on a family from South Carolina that welcomed the state’s fifth set of quints in 30 years.

I will now eat my words because I said that the babies were probably conceived by fertility but they weren’t.

The boys were conceived naturally so their occurrence was a huge surprise especially when the fifth baby wasn’t found until after the 15th week ultrasound. Up to that point the parents thought that there were only four babies growing.

Temekia Harris and Ivan Smith, the quintuplets’ parents, also have two other children boys aged 9 years and 9 months at home. The youngest is not aware of the new babies and probably won’t understand what’s happening for a while.

On July 27th, Matthew Jared, Johnathan Glenn, Laten Lee, Nicolas Reid and Cody Ashton Smith were born via c-section at Palmetto Health Richland. The quintuplets were three months premature, and each baby weighed between one and two pounds at birth. “They’re really small, but they’re fighters,” explained Harris, who said the babies are no longer on ventilators. “We can barely tell them apart, but they’re doing really good. They’re so handsome.”

The stats on fertilizing 5 eggs naturally and having them all be the same sex is probably 100 million to one. The pregnancy was not planned or expected and now this family has an additional 5 mouths to feed. We wish them the best. At least they know that there are a few months a head of them before all of the babies come flooding home.

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