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Spotted: The bugaboo donkey in Amsterdam!

Bugaboo has posted some pics of their highly anticipated donkey stroller on their FB page and I have to say – it’s pretty nice!

Eighteen families in the greater Amsterdam area are testing the Bugaboo Donkey in everyday life and are providing the company with feedback on how it works for them.

Shown in all configurations the donkey offers the parents a one-piece fold and the ability to convert from a full-sized mono, to a full-sized side-by-side duo, and back again to a mono stroller with three easy clicks.

The Bugaboo Donkey design meets two key parental needs: increased storage space and the option to convert to a side-by-side duo stroller for parents with two younger children or twins. The increased storage space includes an expandable side shopping basket and underseat basket – allowing parents to carry all their goods on the go. In the mono configuration, the Bugaboo Donkey is 23 inches wide, the same width as the Bugaboo Cameleon. In the duo configuration, the Bugaboo Donkey is 29 inches wide, making it the narrowest (luxury) side-by-side duo stroller.

After it was revealed, the biggest question asked by everyone was how much?

Magic Beans recently posted the run down on their spilling the beans blog:

Mono – $1199
This configuration is for one child, and includes the base stroller, the side luggage basket and a bassinet that converts into a stroller seat. Because the bassinet and stroller seat use the same frame, you would need to purchase additional parts to use this with an additional child.

Components: Stroller Base, Tailored Fabric Set

Duo – $1499
This configuration is for two children who are different ages. With the Duo configuration, you can use the stroller with either a bassinet and a stroller seat or two stroller seats.

Components: Stroller Base, Tailored Fabric Set, Duo Extension Set, Sun Canopy

Twin – $1659
This configuration is for twins or two newborn babies. With the Twin, you can use the stroller with two bassinets, a bassinet and a stroller seat, or two stroller seats.

Components: Stroller Base, 2 Tailored Fabric Sets, Duo Extension Set, Bassinet Base Complete

In keeping with their luxury reputation, the stroller is priced accordingly. The question is will the average person fork out the money or will it be a stroller for higher income families?

It is worth considering that a stroller this prestigious will keep it’s value and get a good re-sale when you are ready to sell if in good condition.

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  • Hi i havejust read about parents testing the new bugaboo donkey in amsterdam!
    I live in Antwerp am mother of 2month old twins and 3more.
    ilove the look of that new donkey!
    i love it
    i want it
    i need it
    and now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    would realy want to test it out for you!!
    have twins and a 3year old if you would like to test it with a bugy board for example

    Can´t w8 to get a positive answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    mother of 5

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