Multiple Births Sextuplets

St. Louis Park Couple Expecting Six Babies

Ryan and Brianna Morrison had been trying to conceive a baby for a year. Due to infertility in Brianna’s family, they decided to seek fertility treatments when they were unsuccessful.

After taking a medication to stimulate egg production, Brianna became pregnant. Doctors informed her that she had ovulated more than ten eggs, and six of them are now developing into healthy babies.

The Morrison’s, who are in their early twenties and got married less than two years ago, received the news of their multiple pregnancies during a six-week ultrasound.

Currently, Brianna is 16 weeks along and has been instructed to prioritize eating and resting as much as possible.

To support the rapid growth of the babies and prepare for an expected early delivery, Brianna needs to consume approximately 4,000 calories a day and gain 75 pounds by week 26.

The couple is ecstatic about the progress. They saw and heard the babies’ heartbeats at six weeks, which they find incredible.

Anticipating the babies’ arrival, their church has established a committee to plan for their care, while doctors hope the babies will be born at the end of July or later.

Brianna wonders if her body can handle the challenge of carrying and delivering six babies, and if they will all be healthy. However, Ryan assures that they have made the decision to keep all the babies, despite the risks involved.

With the support of their doctors, family, and faith, the Morrison’s feel optimistic about their journey. Some may see it as a chance or a tragedy, but they truly consider this experience as nothing short of a miracle.

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