Strawberry Shortcake Getting A Makeover

Many years ago I was a HUGE Strawberry Shortcake fan. I had the whole clan and their pets.

The New York Times is reporting today that my childhood favorite is getting a new look and I am not sure I like it.

Her owner, American Greetings Properties, worked for a year on what it calls a “fruit-forward” makeover. Strawberry Shortcake, part of a line of scented dolls, now prefers fresh fruit to gumdrops, appears to wear just a dab of lipstick (but no rouge), and spends her time chatting on a cellphone instead of brushing her calico cat, Custard. Her new look was unveiled Tuesday, along with plans for a new line of toys from Hasbro.

The previous character has a cute unique look. She isn’t polished, her hair isn’t perfect, heck her clothes don’t really match – but I like her.

The new version has hung up her skirt, been to the beauty parlor, and had her freckles lasered off. She’s just too polished…


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