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Study: Baby Talk Isn’t Easy For Some Babies

A new study finds that while humans may be the only living species who can speak, almost 17 percent of babies find it difficult learning to master the skill.

YouGov, conducted a poll among 1000 parents and found out that one in six children experience difficulties in learning the first words of their life.

It was also found that boys are twice as likely to struggle as girls with 22 percent of boys and 13 percent of girls showing speech learning difficulties. Of these kids, only 54 percent received help from a speech therapist.

The average age of a baby to start uttering words, was 10 or 11 months and the most common word they said was ‘dada’ followed closely with ‘mama’. ‘Cat’ was found to be the third most favorite word of the infant vocabulary.

“Our ability to communicate is fundamental and underpins everything else,” said Jean Gross as the results of the study were revealed. “It is essential that all children get the help they need from skilled professionals as early as possible.

Most parents in the survey agreed that if a child uttered a wrong word, a better way of correcting him was to repeat the correct word rather than pointing out the error.

In the words of a spokesperson from the Department of Children, Schools and Families,

“Speech, language and communication are crucial to every child’s ability to access education and get the most out of life, It’s right that good communication should start at home, and it’s vital that it continues at nursery and in school. We’re committed to improving the outcomes for children with communication difficulties and help families get the support they need.”

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