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Study-BPA and Behavioural Issues Linked?

pregnant mom There is a new study that is out which was done by researchers at the University of North Carolina and British Columbia’s Simon Fraser University. It is the first time that they are looking at links between prenatal BPA (bisphenol A exposure) exposure and behavioural issues in kids.

“Daughters of women who were exposed to a common chemical found in plastics while they were pregnant are more likely to show aggressive and hyperactive behaviours as two-year-olds, a new study shows.”

The study did show that the girls who had mothers that were exposed to the BPA while pregnant did have more “externalized” behaviour than the average two year old.

The chemical concentrations between 13 and 16 weeks of pregnancy were most strongly associated with behaviour problems in girls, but the study found no significant effect on boys.

Externalized behaviour includes more aggression and hyperactivity.

The women were followed during their pregnancy and until the children turned two years old. They measured the concentration in their urine at week 16, 26 and birth. The BPA was found in 90 percent of the urine samples taken. At the age of five the girls will be tested again.

BPA, a hormone disrupter that can cause reproductive damage and lead to prostate and breast cancer in adulthood, is a building block in polycarbonate plastic. People are exposed to BPA through medical tubing, some hard plastic water bottles, some baby feeding bottles, dental fillings, food-can and packaging linings, and carbonless paper.

In October of 2008 Canada was the first to declare BPA hazardous to the health and welfare of humans. They also made sure that the baby industry was not allowed to use the BPA in baby bottles.

While there was a measurable increase in aggressive behaviour among girls, the study also showed some evidence of increased depression and anxiousness among BPA-exposed boys — a finding Lanphear said needs further study.

My advice would be to stay away from anything containing BPA before even getting pregnant so then you know that you are not placing yourself at risk.

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