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Summer Infant 3D Two Convenience Double Stroller Review {VIDEO}

A challenge most parents face is they have two kids and zero space for a huge double stroller. Looking to help, Summer Infant designed their 3D Two Convenience stroller to have the same footprint as a conventional umbrella stroller, but gave it the functionality to hold 2 kids. I’ve seen parents improvise in the past. They put a second child on the footrest, have the older child hold the smaller child in the seat and even place one kid in the storage basket – which I saw while out shopping last week. This is could be a better option because, at $199, it doesn’t dreak the bank…

The stroller itself has a combined weight to 75lbs, while the seats individually can hold a child who is 40lbs in the front and 50lbs in the back. Despite the generous weight limits of the seats, I think this stroller works best for families with children who are under 4 as the actual size of the seat is small for larger children. With that being said, it is a great option for parents who are low on space, or those who are going on vacation and need something to explore with that isn’t bulky or too wide.

Summer Infant uses the space that would normally be empty between the parent and seat and optimizes it to fit a second child. By positioning it up a little bit, it makes it so the child in the back can see over the seat – if they are tall enough. This is a great way to ensure that parents of 2 kids are able to get to where they are going without having to lug a huge stroller.

Summer Infant 3Dtwo Double Convenience Stroller - folded

Both seats use the same 5-point harness that can be re-threaded to fit them as they grow. The front seat has an adjustable footrest to accommodate little ones and a secondary one for kids as they get older. There is a small recline for the child in the front, but it’s not substantial enough for them to get comfortable during a nap.

Summer Infant 3Dtwo Double Convenience Stroller - front seat

The recline on the second seat is very similar. It pushes back just and extra inch or so. This was designed this way so that the child in the front doesn’t end up laying on the second child’s lap. In the case of the second seat, it only has a small recline so it keeps the footprint of the stroller to a minimum.

Summer Infant 3Dtwo Double Convenience Stroller - second seat

To ensure both kids have proper coverage, the 3D Lite For Two has 2 canopies. The front one is much smaller, but it does offer protection for kids on a sunny or rainy day. The one at the back covers the second child and also overlaps over the front canopy. The back canopy has a mesh window to increase airflow and it can be moved up the frame to accommodate a taller child.

Summer Infant 3Dtwo Double Convenience Stroller - mesh

We did find when we were testing this stroller that the child in the back had trouble see out the front of the stroller when the canopy was down so being able to slide it up the frame is definitely a good feature for kids as they grow.

The storage on this stroller is the standard basket you would see on an umbrella stroller so it will hold a small diaper bag and some snacks for a day out. The bottom of it is reinforced by the frame so you can load it up a little more with being concerned it will drag on the ground.

Summer Infant 3Dtwo Double Convenience Stroller - storage basket

The 3D Two stroller runs on eight – 5″ wheels, that can be locked in the front for bumpier terrain. On the back, there are wheel locks on both sets of wheels. This stroller pushes the best over even pavement, while at the mall, park, or over the sidewalk. I wouldn’t recommend it for snow, sleet or to go through sand.

Summer Infant 3Dtwo Double Convenience Stroller - wheels

For better maneuverability through the mall or park, Summer Infant has given the stroller foam ergonomic handles.

Summer Infant 3Dtwo Double Convenience Stroller - handles

One of my favorite features of this stroller is how easy it is to fold. When you are ready to pack it up all you need to do is flip a lever and the stroller collapses in half. The frame lock ensures the whole package stays closed, and the carry strap allows you to carry it through the airport or up a flight of stairs.

Summer Infant 3Dtwo Double Convenience Stroller - fold lever

This stroller is a great option for parents who are low on space and need something to tote two kids to and from school the park or just to run errands. It is also perfect for vacationing because it has a small footprint and can be stored easily. It will also stand propped against the wall if you lock the back wheels.


  • Min. Stroller Weight Supported: 10 pounds
  • Max. Stroller Weight Capacity: 75 pounds(combined weight between the two seats)
  • Manufacturer’s Suggested Age: 6-24 Months
  • Material: Aluminum, Polyester
  • Dimensions: 46 inchesH x 19.5 inchesW x 37.17 inchesD
  • Weight: 18 pounds

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