Karoline Byler Sextuplets

The Byler Sextuplets Get Extravagant Shower

Karoline and Ben Byler are expecting Florida’s first set of sextuplets in just two weeks, so in preparation for the big event their community threw them a lavish Baby Shower.

The event, that has been advertised on the Byler Family Website, was attended by 2,000 people, news crews and Inside Edition.

Karoline herself was not able to attend the circus themed event because she is in her 28th week of pregnancy and on mandatory bedrest. She was however available via video to see all of the festivities.

The business of babies must be good because the family received a year of free dinners from Let’s Eat, a year’s supply of baby formula from Enfamil, six months of in-home wellness care, and even a $7,000 back up generator.

The couple is expecting five boys and a girl in addition to their four-year-old daughter, Zoe.

Ben said that:

“Karoline is doing very well and they’re not going to let her go past 32 weeks with the delivery. Their brain development is done, their lungs are close to fully developed and we’re right up on what they consider a good time for the babies at 30 weeks.”

We hope that Karoline has a safe delivery and that all of the babies arrive healthy.

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