Tips for Travelling With A Baby

With the U.S. Thanksgiving just around the corner and the cold weather starting to arrive, winter vacation season is on its way. Travel in North America is back to pre 9/11 volumes.

Here are some helpful tips on travelling with your baby that will hopefully make your vacation easier.

  1. Rent Your Baby Equipment – This is the BEST service offered to parents travelling with young children. In most major cities across North America there are companies that will rent you everything from your stroller, crib, swing to a wagon, books and toys. It can be pricey if you need everything, but it is worth it. The level of stress involved in lugging half of your babies equipment across North America could ruin your whole vacation. These companies will drop off the stuff you order at your hotel and pick it up when you are done. Check here for a baby rental company where you are going.
  2. Bring Your Infant’s Food With You – If you are travelling within your own country, you may be okay. If you are going from U.S. to Canada, vice versa or down south don’t assume the food your child is accustomed to, will be available. Each country has different variations of the same thing. It may look the same to you, but your baby might notice the difference and decide they don’t like it. You don’t want to be stranded a long way from home with a child who won’t eat.
  3. Come Prepared – Always carry a small first aid kit in your suitcase. With airline restrictions you will not be able to get it on the plane in your carry-on. This kit should include the basics, Baby Tylenol, thermometer, polysporin, band aids, ear drops and antibacterial wipes. You can just put it all in a pencil case so that you are prepared for any disaster.
  4. Headed To The Beach? – Water Shoes, A big hat, sunscreen and SPF clothing. These items are a must whether you are headed to a resort or just grammas pool. If your kids are running though the sand or along the deck by the pool, their feet need to be protected from broken glass and anything else that is lying around. Try to find a hat that covers the neck area and a cover-up that has an SPF assigned to it, preferably 50. Just because your child is wearing a shirt doesn’t mean they can’t get burnt through it, especially if they are in the water. The average t-shirt only has an SPF of 10. Don’t take any chances. After your child is six months old you can start to apply sunscreen. It doesn’t matter which brand you buy just make sure it has both zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, they sit on top of the skin, forming a barrier against the sun’s rays. Before your child is six months old keep them out of the direct sun all together, they may fare better in a beach tent or something that will shield them from the sun.
  5. It’s All About The Concierge – Before you arrive at your hotel use the concierge to help with any questions you have about amenities in the area. If you are staying at a good hotel you will know by the level of knowledge your concierge has. He/she will know the best restaurants in the area for families plus they also may be able to arrange for in-house babysitting if you want a nice evening alone with your partner.

Quick tips:

Bring a snuggli or bjorn with you for the airport. The baby will be able to face out and see everything and you will have your hands free to help with the luggage and other kids.

Bring your car seat from home if you are renting a car. The airline will check it for you and you can pick it up with your luggage when you arrive. It will be a seat you are familiar with therefore you will install it correctly. Some rental companies charge up to $10 per day to use theirs.

If you are crossing the border make sure you have passports. New laws in both Countries state that everyone needs a passport to cross the border as of Jan/07.

To find out what is acceptable in your carry on bag now go to this website:

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