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Tori Spelling Talks Pregnancy and Parties!

While Tori Spelling visited the Today’s Show this morning to promote her new party planning book CelebraTORI, she spoke to Ann Curry about being a mom and getting pregnant so quickly after the arrival of her 3rd child Hattie.

Pregnant Tori spelling todays show

Now 4 months pregnant, Tori says she can safely dispel that they old wives tale that you can conceive while you are breastfeeding!

A pro at planning parties, the actress learned early that a good event is made successful by the details.  She shared some practical, quick tips during her segment which included;

  • Serve minis – appetizers shouldn’t be more than 2 bites because they tend to get messy and it interrupts conversation. Tori loves to do tiny grill cheese sandwiches with tomato soup shot, bite sized cupcakes or easy to make pigs in a blanket.
  • Do it yourself bar – Saves money and is fun and interactive for your guests.  Set up your beverages (champagne, spirits, pop) in carafes with personalized tags so that you don’t have liqueur bottles lying around.  This adds a personal touch and allows your guests to create their own drinks.
  • Flowers – Tori loves carnations because they are reasonably priced and look pretty against a brighter color.  Pull them together in a cluster, put them in a beautiful vase and they fit right in.
  • Have a go-to appetizer – Tori’s go to appetizers is a wheel of Brie with jam on top covered in pastry and baked.  Serve it on a slab of marble with crackers and you are good to go!

Closer to the end of the interview Tori and today’s co-host Sarah Palin talked about motherhood with Tori noting that she’s not getting any sleep, ‘but loving every minute of it’.

Ann Curry sarah palin and pregnant tori spelling

“It sounds cliche, but trust me, it goes by way too quickly,” Sarah responded “Our oldest turns 23 this month, our youngest turns four. We’ve got three girls in between and it goes by quickly.”

Tori then asked the former Governor of Alaska if she would have one more, to which Sarah quickly said,

 “Ah … no — the grandkids will come next.”


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