Multiple Births

Tucson Couple Welcomes Quintuplets

Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center welcomes their first set of quintuplets for 2009.

Lorena and Enrique Puig are the proud parents of three girls and two boys, born Wednesday within four minutes of each other.

“It was the most wonderful experience being there,” Lorena Puig said at news conference at the hospital on Friday. “I will always remember that experience with a smile on my face.”

The babies range in weight from 2 pounds, 1.7 ounces to 2 pounds, 8 ounces.

The quintuplets will likely remain hospitalized for another 10 weeks.

The babies, who were conceived by fertility treatments, arrived after being in utero for 29 weeks.
The couple has purchased a new home in Tucson that they will move in once all five babies are released.

Banner Good Samaritan is nationally known for the successful delivery of more than 90 multiple births for mothers in and outside of Arizona.

The legendary multiple hospital recently welcomed 4 sets of quadruplets in 6 weeks.

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  • will she pay for the birth ? or will medicaid? will she asked for donations set up a website and beg for money?is this women illgeal? why is she support and nadya is not and gave birth to 8? haveing a husband who can not support her childrn is no differant. what does he do for a liveing.? give the public a lot more information about the parents .

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