Premature Babies

Two Bermuda Moms Delivering Prematurely Flown Overseas

An increase in the number of premature babies being born in Bermuda forced 2 expectant mothers to be flow overseas to deliver.

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One woman had to be air ambulanced to the U.S. while a second was whisked off to a hospital in Canada when it became evident her baby would be arriving weeks ahead of schedule, the Bermuda Sun has been told.

Both cases occurred in November, a hospital spokesman said yesterday, and are believed to have take place within days of each other. Mother and baby in both cases are doing well – the hospitals where they were flown were determined by their insurance company, which pays for the cost of air ambulance and overseas hospital stay.

At that time, the small island only had enough beds to accommodate 10 preemies. That number has since grown to 12, which is usually enough.

I can’t believe that there were no hospitals closer than Canada…What an inconvenience for a mom who is already in the discomfort of labour.

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  • 2.5years ago I too was traveling to/in Bermuda and we went into premature labour. The hospital in Bermuda tried to stop the labour so we could get flewn back to Canada, however our Son had different plans. 3 days after arriving in Bermuda our son was born 7.5 weeks premature. There was no cause of the preterm birth, just the unexplained Bermuda Triangle. Insurance paid for everything and we were Air Ambulanced back to Canada when he was 3 days old. I have no compaints to the Hospital and their staff. They were all fabulous, technologicly advanced, well knowleged and we can’t wait to get back there to visit them all. Since then, we have started a business for mom and baby accessories called ‘Bermuda Babies’ (because my son is my little Bermuda Baby). If it wasn’t for him and the location – we wouldn’t have a name or a story. I remember talking to the Hospital staff while we staying there and saying they liked to get mom and baby (in utero) back to their Country as soon as possibly incase there are any complications – Bermuda is out there alone in the middle of the ocean. They do not fly mom while she is in active labour, the contactions must cease for 48hours (with the help of drugs) before they consider transport, so it wouldn’t be that uncomfortable. Atleast that is what it was like 2 year ago. Well I hope our story helped you out and if you have any questions feel free to contact me via my website, Take care!

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