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Two Hundred Hospitals Nationwide Will Replace Formula Sample Bags with Breastfeeding Support Sample Bags

This month, 200 hospitals across the country are replacing their formula discharge bags and samples with the country’s first breastfeeding support promotional discharge bag.

The “Healthy Baby Bounty Bag” contains product samples, coupons, and information that support and encourage breastfeeding without a packet of formula and without conflicting and contradictory messages about breastfeeding. Hospitals including UCLA Medical Center, Children’s Hospital in Boston, Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City, and Exeter Hospital are among the first to distribute Healthy Baby Bounty Bags to new moms.

The bags are created by Cottonwood Kids, a promotional products company that produces custom gifts for hospitals. The bags are green, made from recycled materials, and are 100 percent lead free. They are designed to serve as a cooler and storage carrier for breastmilk. All items inside are compliant with the International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes (also known as the WHO Code), and are therefore completely focused on the importance of breastfeeding with no nipples or bottles included.

The samples are as follows:

  • Disposable Nursing Pads
  • Milk Storage Bags
  • Latch on Tips card
  • Mothers Milk Tea
  • Diaper Wipes
  • Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment
  • Boogie Wipes Anti Viral Tissues
  • Sani Hands- Hand Sanitzer
  • Sear Portrait Studio Coupon
  • Free Gift Card for the mother that gifts can be redeemed on-line. Everyone gets a gift. Prizes include a $5,000 savings bond, free breast pumps nursing pillows and more.

Coupon Book that includes coupons from the following companies

  • Lansinoh – Gel Pads
  • Lansinoh- Breast Pads
  • Lansinoh- Pumps
  • Lansinoh- HPA Lanolin Breast Cream
  • Lansinoh – Breastmilk Storage Bags
  • Bravado Designs Breastfeeding Bras
  • Mother’s Milk Organic Tea to promote lactation
  • My Brest Friend Nursing Pillows
  • Bebe Au Lait Nursing Covers
  • Aquaphor Diaper Cream, Shampoo, and Healing Ointment
  • Sear Portrait Studios Portraits
  • Seventh Generation Diapers
  • Seventh Generation Wipes
  • Seventh Generation Natural Cleaning Products
  • Seventh Generation Feminine Care Products
  • Boogie Wipes Anti Viral Tissues
  • Sani Hands Hand Sanitizer
  • Ergo Baby: Ergonomically correct baby carriers
  • Baby Stay Asleep: Infant Positioning System to help with reflux
  • Belly Bar Nutrition Products for Mothers
  • Milkscreen Human Milk Banking Association of North America

The coupons themselves add up to over $100.00 in savings.

Visit for all the details.


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  • This ios great! But I hope the ad I see below for Nestlé formula is removed as Nestlé and breastfeeding do NOT mix!!!!

  • Awesome! Is there a way to find out which hospitals will carry the bags? Or petition to get my hospital to carry them?


  • I’m so glad to hear this, only I wish it were more than 200 hospitals! But hey it’s a start and sometimes you have to start out small 😉

    I can’t believe all the awesome coupons, hopefully it’ll give people money saving options!!

  • @ Mary – The ad below the post is randomly generated by google. We have no control over what links they put in each box. Each spot varies with content.

    We could remove it, but the ads along the side would most likely carry the same sponsors, put together by google and we don’t have a way of removing them just for this page.

    I apologize if this link is taking away from the exciting news announced in this post. That was not our intention.

    @Kathie S – has a list of some of the hospitals carrying this bag. Cottonwood Kids has done a great job of tying to promote this within the hospital system.

  • Thanks to Cottonwood kids for putting these bags together! I am excited to see the major hospitals offering them. I wish I could have gotten one when I had our 3rd child last year. The coupons would have really been useful! He is almost 11 months old and still nursing like a champ!

  • I think its great, But I also think there sould be a choice. Sample bags for FF families, and sample bags for BF bags. I couldn’t Bf my first to save her life, the sample bag saved me from going to the store on discharge after a c-section, to buy formula, my husband had time to get it. My second I was successful, and a BF sample bag would have been just as helpful.

  • I too would have loved this bag when leaving the hospital. In those times when the breast feeding is so difficult, those free samples start calling, and I can see how difficult that can be to resist.
    The coupons are great too…much better than all the other ones that randomly arrive throughout pregnancy and beyond.

    Can I get one now?

  • I am so pleased that this is happening. Hope that this will help new moms continue to breastfeed once they start!

  • Sooooo AWESOME! Now we just need to get MORE on board with this! 200 is just a start– a great one but just a start! So excited!

  • How do I find out about getting these bags for the local Pediatric and OB offices to give instead of the infant formula bags??

    Thank you!

    Sonja , RN, IBCLC

  • Thad is Awesome!!! Hopefully the Hospital that i am having my second baby in has this. This is something I think all new and old mothers should get!!

  • This is a great idea! If only this had started sooner. I am a bit curious about the Aquaphor. Seems to me a greener (and healthier) choice would be Alba’s Un-Petroleum jelly?

  • This is sooo wonderful!!! I’m so happy to hear that things are (albiet slowly, but we must start somewhere, yes?) taking a turn BACK in the right direction!

  • Question?!?! –
    Only mothers who are just giing birth reciee these or can other new mom that hae already had their baby get them?

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