Two Other Families Welcome Quintuplets

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It official! There is a quintuplet baby boom happening.

We reported on Friday that Ron and Kathy Blatt welcomed 4 girls and a boy at Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center last week.

Now we find out that Congratulations are in order for Lauren and Aaron Gray on their 3 boys and 2 girls born on May 5th. The Grey Quints arrived via c-section at 32 weeks 5 days gestation and are comprised of an extremely rare double set of identical twins plus one.

Each baby was a good size at birth and is breathing independently. Two of the babies are doing so well that they are already bottle feeding!

At delivery the five babies weighed:

  • Baby A is Joel Joseph (4lbs 1oz)
  • Baby B is Nathan Joshua (4lbs 60z)
  • Baby C is Oliver John (4lbs 4oz)
  • Baby D is Ava Charlotte (3lbs 3oz)
  • Baby E is Lila Catherine (4lbs 2oz)

Indianapolis couple Paula and Jamson also welcomed a set of quintuplets this month. All five babies, 2 boys and 3 girls, arrived via c-section on May 1st. Paula was able to carry the babies 29 weeks 5 days, which is amazing for a multiple pregnancy.

  • Baby A – Brayden Jamson 2lbs 5oz
  • Baby B – Ariel Marie 2lbs 12oz
  • Baby C – Addison Catalina 2lbs 3oz
  • Baby D – Micah Joe 2lbs 4oz
  • Baby E – Gabriella Isabel – 1lb 15oz

*A special thank you to for letting us know about these two families.*

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  1. kaley bullock says:

    so much work!!!!!

  2. Kirsten says:

    The Grey babies are a hoax. Never existed and mom was outed as a fraud.

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