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Wisconsin Doctor Delivers 4 Set Of Twins in 24hours

If you think that you see more multiples out at the mall or grocery store now, you are right.

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This weekend in Wisconsin obstetrician-gynecologist Dr. Kenneth Merkitch, delivered 4 sets of twins during his 24 hour on-call shift.

“I don’t think I ever delivered two sets of twins on a call day,” Merkitch said. “The odds of this happening are astronomical.

“It was hard to believe that everything was coming in twos, but after a while youre up all night, you might as well keep delivering babies,” he said. “Its something I dont think Ill see again.”

Merkitch delivered another baby during his shift. He couldnt recall ever delivering nine babies on a similar shift.

Another set of twins also was born at the medical center on Thanksgiving Day.

Earlier this year a Long Island hospital delivered 7 sets of triplets in one month.

Twin births have increased 30% in the last 10 years. The cool part is that they all decided to come at the same time. I wonder how many went full term??

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