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10 Things For Baby I Couldn’t Live Without

Last week another blogger posted 13 of the most unnecessary baby products. Some of which I agree with. I wrote recently about my lack of love for the Diaper Genie. I am less impressed with the wipes warmer, not to mention the lung clogging baby powder.

There are many baby things that I LOVE and couldn’t live with out so I thought that I would take the time to list them.

10. Kate Spade Diaper Bag – I received this as a shower gift from my girlfriend and it has been a lifesaver when I am taking the baby out. This bag is big enough to carry my stuff as well as his. We all know that when you have a baby you no longer get to carry a purse so you must carry a fabulous diaper bag. It has enough room in it for a couple changes of clothes and 2 spots for bottles at each end which I love.

9. JJ Cole Original Bundle Me Infant – No Snow suit needed with this car seat bunting bag. Over the winter this was my savior. I just had to put a sweater and a hat on the baby and then pull the whole thing over top of him. It saved me when I was going into places where people were smoking at the front doors and when we were in elevators and people were coughing. It not only kept him warm but it covered his face so that the germs and smoke didn’t get at him.

8. Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier – I still use this carrier almost everyday. I actually have two, one for around the backyard (which I purchased second hand) and one for when I am out shopping (I purchased new). Our son loves to look out as I’m sure most kids do. When we are out at the mall he will stay happy for hours if he is in this carrier. It has saved me on many days around the house when he is crabby. I just snap him in and then get the chores done.

7. Madison Playard with Bassinet – A great retreat for the baby when I am busy around the house. It feels good to know that you can put them in here, come back a few minutes later and they are still there and okay!! He also enjoyed sleeping in this when he first came home from the hospital. It was nice for us because we could make sure he was still breathing without having to run upstairs every 5 mins.

6. Evenflo Ellipsa Travel System – This stroller is big and bulky but I like it. It folds down so that it can be stored in the back of our vechicle. I like that it folds down for sleeping, the baby can sit up and look out plus the carseat fits in nicely when they are small.

5. Lamaze Freddie The Firefly Plush Toy – Most Lamaze toys are great. We like this firefly and the apple as well. One of them accompanies us at all times when we are out and about. The baby loves the bright colours and that there are so many things to chew on.

4. Play & Learn ExerSaucer – A friend told me I had to get one of these. We have sooo much stuff already, I wasn’t sure we had enough room. We got it and haven’t looked back. This exersaucer has been all over the province this summer. I strap it into the seat beside the baby and off we go. He will swing around in it for hours, laughing and chewing.

3. Ocean Aquarium Bouncer – Like the exersaucer, I was told by a friend that this bouncer would save my sanity. She was right. He didn’t like it at first and still isn’t fond of the vibrations but even now we are guaranteed 15 mins of happiness if we put him in it. As simple as it is…he loves to watch the bubbles and fish, they are mesmirising.

2. Baby Einstein: Baby Neptune Discovering Water DVD – I know that Baby Einstein is popular. I have purchased 3 of the videos and this is the only one he will watch. The others make him cry? I am not sure why, but this one makes him laugh and jump around – he loves the fish… and so do I because it makes him happy!!

1. Purely Yours Breast Pump by Ameda– A double electric breast pump. Need I say anymore. This pump has saved me lots of time and energy. I can do other things while I’m pumping because someone else is doing all of the work! I tried the medela pumps at the hospital but they didn’t extract as much milk as this one. The choice is truly personal. This one works well for me and I love the fact that it can be plugged into the car if you need to pump while your out.

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