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395gm Micro-Preemie Called “Wonder Woman” by Hospital is Thriving

Medicine has come a long way in the past few years – so far, in fact, that a South African baby, born at 25 weeks and less than 14 ounces(395gms), is doing more than just surviving. She is thriving.

395gram micro-preemie Jazeel

Her name is Jazeel Hope, but the hospital staff has taken to calling her “Wonder Woman.” They even had a special outfit made for her.

“We have never had such a small baby in our unit and we were all most concerned about her,” Anina Klut, a shift nurse at the hospital where the baby was born, told Parent24. “She has proven to be a little Wonder Woman and is growing each day, with lots of tender loving care from her mother.’”

“There is still some debate as to whether babies born at a gestational age of between 23 and 25 weeks have a reasonable prospect of survival. However‚ when you see how well Jazeel is doing‚ it is most encouraging. These days micro-premature babies have a better chance of surviving‚ and Jazeel is now thriving – she is one of the miracles who show us what is possible‚” Dr. Klaas Mnisia, a neonatologist at the hospital added.

Having defied all odds and now preparing to head home, Jazeel now weighs almost five pounds! And her mother couldn’t be happier or more proud.

395gram micro-preemie Jazeel

“I am very excited about the prospect of taking my baby home, but obviously, we do not want to rush,” Helen Sauls, Jazeel’s mother, told Daily Mail. “She has been in hospital for nearly 150 days and has gained a lot of weight and strength in that time.”

Jazeel is even drinking the entire bottle when she is fed – which is quite different from when she was first born. Doctors had her on a special diet of colostrum only to prepare her tummy for regular breastmilk or infant formula (news sources have not indicated which one she is taking).

The labor had started early in the first place because Helen suffered from preeclampsia, a condition that caused her blood pressure to spike and had put the lives of both her and Jazeel in danger. No one expected either to do so wonderfully well, yet they are both thriving.

It just goes to show that miracles are sometimes doled out in very tiny packages.




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