Potty Diaries

“Everyone else’s Two Cents”
by Cari

It’s been two weeks since I have “casually” started Potty Training my son. Progress has been pretty slow, I assume, due to the fact that I am taking a “casual” approach.

As with most issues a new mother encounters, I have received countless pieces of advice on the subject, both solicited and unsolicited. Everyone and their dog seem to have the answers when it comes to Potty Training. I’ve been told to make him sit on the potty until he pees, even if it takes an hour! I’ve been told to not force him to use the potty because he will develop negative feelings towards the potty.

Someone suggested that I dip his hand in warm water while he is sitting there to encourage things to happen. Someone else said that I should just leave him alone in the bathroom on the potty so he can have his privacy.

I’ve been told to put the potty in the family room so he can watch TV while he uses the potty (which, quite frankly, kind of freaks me out!). I’ve been told to disregard the potty and just put the attachment on the big toilet… I’ve been told to try to get him to pee standing up… I’ve been told to let him run around naked since the weather is so warm… aaargh! This Potty Training thing is more complicated than I thought!

Needless to say, I have lots to consider when deciding on the next step in our Potty Training odyssey. I am not committing to anything yet, but as I attempt to implement some of these jewels of wisdom I have received, I will be sure to give you my “two cents” if something is successful.

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