7 Useless Products For Baby

When shopping for your new bundle you will become overloaded with “stuff”. Don’t be bowled over by convenience products. There are a lot of things on the market that play to our lazy inner being. Here are 7 products that I think are utterly useless for your baby. Some have been used for years, but it doesn’t mean they are right…

7. Baby Powder – I am not sure what it’s purpose is, but I do know that baby powder is just not good for your new baby. It is an extra step that is just no needed and the fine particles can get in the babies eyes and lungs.

6. Temperature Bath Ducky – This duck has a panel on the bottom that tells you if the water is too hot. We have 2 of these silly things. You do not need a duck to tell you the water is hot. If you put your hand in and it feels too warm than it probably is. The water needs to just be lukewarm.

5. Pacifier thermometers may seem convenient, they’re unreliable and shouldn’t be used in infants younger than 3 months. They also require the child to keep the pacifier in the mouth for several minutes without moving, which is a nearly impossible task for most babies and toddlers.

4. Sleeper Gown – We bought one of these thinking that it keep the baby warm at night. He likes to kick the blankets off and we were worried he was getting cold last winter. He hated it and was cold when we got him in the morning.

3. Tummy Tub – This tub is awkward and weird to me. A lot of websites posted it when it first came out singing it’s praises. I have bathed my baby in a bucket at the hospital. He wasn’t comfortable nor was I and it was hard to get him clean. Bath time at our house is the best part of the day. My son wants to swim and play not be stuck sitting in a bucket.

2. Wipes Warmer – I don’t know where to start with this thing. I had cold wipes on my bum so did most parents growing up. Are our children so pampered that their wipes need to be warmed before cleaning their stinky bums? There have been recalls on certain models of wipes warmers. I also have heard that they just end up drying out your wipes and browning the edges. Useless!!

1. Diaper Genie – I have never been fond of the diaper genie because of it’s effects on the environment. I know I am not alone on this because of all of the negative articles I have read about it as well. Parents find the refills a pain to install and expensive to replace. Most of the time they just give up and throw them to the curb. So much unnecessary waste.

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Lisa Arneill

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  • Lisa, I totally agree with you on every single useless thing you have on here!! My OT was trying to get me to buy that silly tub thing instead of bath seat because it is cheaper! LOL The thing is just stupid looking and I don’t see how it would have worked with a child that can’t hold his head up!

  • This article is so true. I have so many of those sleeper blankets that I never liked when I had my first baby then I had twins and got even more of those. The thought of a diaper genie is disgusting. Just use grocery store bags. Gets the diapers out of the house and it is much cheaper. I have the temperature duck. It is cute and it makes a great tub toy. I have never seen the bucket tub. That looks like a drowning waiting to happen or a back injury to an already tired sore new mommy trying to keep her baby afloat in that thing.

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