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Alimrose ~ Dolls For Kids To Love & Treasure

Every child remembers their first doll. So much so – you probably still have it. Their constant companion to cuddle with, they are often their first friend and most treasured possession. Last week I came across a collection of dolls that are perfect for kids of all ages and interests. Created in a variety of sizes, Australian toy company Alimrose has designed their soft-bodied dolls to be fairies, ballerinas, and bunnies.

Alimrose Dolls

They also offer a cowboy, prince, and a superhero as options for little boys as well.

Alimrose boy's dolls

What struck my eye, however, was the gorgeous details that are added to each doll. The Colette doll has her pink hair up in two buns at the top of her head. Ready for her next dance class, she wears a grey tutu that is paired with a floral shirt. Her eyes are simply added as small x’s but her mouth is drawn on as a heart. Another version of Collette is offered with black hair, a pink top, and a lighter grey tutu.

Alimrose Collette Dolls

Ginny is a sweet doll that is designed with yarn hair and a gorgeous printed dress. She wears shoes that match her dress and is offered with white or brown hair.

alimrose Ginny Doll

Most of the dolls are offered in 2 styles, with different hair colors and outfits, but there are a few that come in more to offer a larger variety.

It’s hard to pick a favorite as they’re all so sweet, but the one I love the most is the Ballerina. Sold in two sizes; 25 and 60cms, this charming doll wears a fluffy tutu, floral bodysuit and a ring of flowers around her bun. Her look is completed with a pair of pink satin pointe shoes.  She would be perfect as a first doll for a toddler or a constant companion for an older child.

Alimrose ballerina doll

Created from beautiful fabrics and materials, Alimrose’s collection offers something for every child.  To see their whole collection, please visit Alimrose’s Website.


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