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Another Preemie Born on an Airplane

The parents of a baby born aboard a Cayman Airways flight, are facing difficulties registering the child, in Jamaica because she was not born on Jamaican soil.

The premature baby was born to Jamaican parents Shellesha Woodstock and Laflin Clarke, aboard Cayman Airways Flight 600 en route to Jamaica on October 2, after Ms. Woodstock claimed she was advised by hospital officials in The Cayman Islands to return to Jamaica to give birth after her water broke.

Allegedly, a doctor and nurse at the Cayman Islands hospital advised her that caring for a premature baby in the Cayman Islands was too expensive and that it would be cheaper if she went back to Jamaica. She was then given a signed letter by the doctor, Gilbretha Alexander, authorising that she was fit to fly.

The story got a bit of attention on both islands after her water broke and the baby arrived almost 10 1/2 weeks early…in the air.

No word on how the baby is doing, but I can only only guess ok if the parents are so focused on the birth registration.

The registrar’s office has said that once they get a statement from the pilot outlining the details, they will have no problem registering the event of the birth.

After that is done, the baby should then receive her Jamaican citizenship.

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