Baby on Board! Motorcoach Driver Helped Deliver a Special Christmas Gift to Proud Lethbridge Couple

Red Arrow driver, Shawn Coulter, has delivered hundreds of people to their destinations over the course of his career. More recently, he helped spearhead a different sort of delivery – and it’s a moment that neither he nor the proud parents are likely to ever forget.

“I’ve delivered many passengers to where they need to go in my lifetime, but never a baby,” Coulter said during a news release.

Motorcoach Driver Helped Deliver a Special Christmas Gift to Proud Lethbridge Couple


The day had started out just like any other. He’d just started his depart from a stop at the University of Lethbridge when that all changed.

A male passenger rushed to the front to tell Coulter that his wife was in labor and delivering her baby in the motorcoach’s bathroom. He immediately pulled the bus over to the side of the road, called 911, and rushed to the back of the bus to help the mother.

Dispatchers walked Coulter through the proper steps as the mom continued with labor. Paramedics arrived just in time to help the little boy come into the world, safe and sound.

“It was obviously not the first time for the paramedic. He reminded me of a quarterback on one knee ready to receive the ball,” said Coulter.

As a token of gratitude, and perhaps because they wanted to commemorate their baby’s unique welcoming into the world, the proud parents decided to change their original name choice. They were going to name the boy Darius Axel Wayne Boerren, but the Axel was changed to Arrow.

If the name change and joy of seeing a baby brought into the world, safely, despite his location of birth wasn’t enough of an honor, then John Stepovy, director of sales and business development at Red Arrow gave Coulter accolades for his heroics that day.

“We’re so proud of Shawn for jumping right in to help,” Stepovy said, adding that Coulter exemplified the company’s core values that day.

The best news of all? Both mom and baby are already at home, relaxing and preparing to celebrate their holiday together. Talk about a wonderful Christmas gift!


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