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Baby Monitor Transmit Atlantis Spaceship Footage

I have heard my neighbour’s son on my monitor, but never anything this exciting…

A mother of two from Chicago does not need to turn on the news for an update on NASA’s space mission – all Natalie Meilinger needs to do is turn on her baby monitor.

Since Sunday, Meilinger’s baby monitor has been picking up black-and-white video from inside the space shuttle Atlantis.

“I put the kids down and I put the baby monitor on like I always do and I saw two people floating in space,” said the primary school science teacher.

Meilinger joked that her parents believed that her son, three-month-old Jack, had acquired magical powers since they started picking up the video footage from the Atlantis.

Meilinger silenced disbelieving co-workers by bringing in a video of the monitor to show her class on Tuesday, her students’ last day of school.

At home, 3-month-old Jack and 2-year-old Rachel do not quite understand what their parents are watching.

“I’ve been addicted to it and keep waiting to see what’s next,” Meilinger said.

A NASA spokesperson said that the live video of the mission was available on their website, so it could be that the monitor was picking up a signal from somewhere nearby.

Officials from NASA have said the signal is not coming straight from the shuttle, according to NASA spokeswoman Brandi Dean.

“People here think this is very interesting and you don’t hear of it often – if at all,” Dean said.

Summer Infant, the monitor’s manufacturer, was looking into what could be causing the transmission, said communications director Cindy Barlow. She said she’s never heard of anything similar happening.

“Not even close,” she said. “Gotta love technology.”


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