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Boyfriend Sleeps As Girlfriend Delivers Newborn in The Bathroom

I have heard of sound sleeping, but this my be ridiculous!

New Dad Antony Probets recounted yesterday how he slept through the birth of his baby – as his girlfriend delivered it herself in their bathroom.

The 19-year-old was vaguely aware of Gemma McSheffrey’s screams as he snored away but thought he was just having a bad dream.

And he only came to when Gemma, 20, staggered back into the bedroom cradling their crying 7lb 3oz girl in her arms.

The new mom said:

“I was screaming for Antony all the time but he was fast asleep so I did it all on my own. Then I walked into the bedroom with the baby in my arms.

Gemma and Anthony had gone to the hospital hours before, but she was sent home because the first-time mom was still only in the early stages.

When the couple got home Gemma’s contractions suddenly got worse. Then the next thing she knew her water had broken.

“I was absolutely terrified because I didn’t have a clue what to do but I didn’t want the baby to become distressed, she said.”

Once the baby arrived, the new mom wrapped her and took her to see her dad. It was her cries that woke him up. He then cut the cord!

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