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Breast Milk Cheese Served At Art Show

Breast milk cheese and crackers are were on the menu last night at the launch of a wacky London art exhibition.

The artist, Raul Ortega Ayala named the show “Alejandra Ortiz-Reynoso”, after the woman who donated the milk.

According to the artist the cheese is designed to “explore our first encounter with food, emphasizing its territoriality and boundaries”.

A spokeswoman said: “He makes the cheese in the normal way – it’s just a standard process.

The cheese was served simply, with a more traditional accompaniment of crackers.

I wish the world would give up their obsession with breast milk. It was not created to make ice cream, butter, cheese or Swiss delicacies. Breast milk’s purpose is to provide a baby with total nutrition because they are not able to have anything else.

It is just sick to me that ‘artists’ or chefs want to use it for adult consumption.

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