Corolle’s Mon Premier Calin Doll Collection & Accessories {VIDEO REVIEW}

Playing with baby dolls benefits little boys and girls in all areas of development. Having a favorite baby to play with not only improves their social skills, through imaginative play, and strengthens their values of compassion and selflessness, but it gives them a ‘friend’ to always have by their side.

Famous for its collection of babies for kids from birth+, Corolle excels at supporting its line with quite a few fun accessories that allow kids to take their playtime to the next level.

Mon Premier Bebe Calin Charming Pastel Baby Doll

Corolle’s Mon Premier Calin Doll Collection is perfect for toddlers 18 months+ because the babies are only 12″, which makes them the perfect size to be carried around by little hands.

We love that the collection includes dolls of all ethnicities, and also baby boys.  Kids can choose from babies that are in their sleepers, dressed for a party or ready for the bath!

Mon Premier Bebe Calin collection

For 2014 Corolle introduced their Party in Paris line, which added some style and glitz to their collection.  Our Mon Premier Calin doll came dressed in a gorgeous pink taffeta dress, with a gold collar and matching headband.  Just like the other Calin dolls she has a cuddly bean bag body, soft vynil skin, eyes that sleep when she is reclined, and is scented with vanilla.

Corolle Mon Premier Stroller with Bebe Calin

To help kids take care of their babies, Corolle offers beds, strollers, and feeding accessories.

Because little ones can’t leave home without their baby, the Mon Premier Diaper Backpack is the perfect way to keep them close.  Designed to fit a 12″ doll in a built-in baby carrier on the front,  this roomy diaper bag is also a great way to carry all of their doll’s essentials.

Corolle Mon Premier Diaper Backpack with Bebe Calin Doll

The backpack just velcros on with two straps in the front and opens up to reveal a changing pad for baby and two pockets inside for extras.  The cute pink print has Corolle’s name on it, and some sparkly stars.  We love that having a baby clipped to the back of the pack allows your child to walk hands-free when you are out while giving them the piece of mind that their baby is close.

Corolle Mon Premier Diaper Backpack with Calin Doll

The most popular piece of gear for dolls, the Mon Premier Stroller ensures that baby goes where you go – comfortably.  This stroller snaps together easily, and comes with a 3-point harness to keep the baby in place and a small canopy for sunny days. Because it only fits 12″ dolls, it is a smaller stroller that is only appropriate for toddlers to 3/4 depending on their size.    Bonus for boys – it also comes in blue!

Corolle Mon Premier Stroller

When it’s bedtime, the Mon Premier Cradle is the perfect place for a baby to sleep.  Measuring just under 15″ long, this bed is both cozy and space-efficient.  It comes with a mattress that is split for the baby’s head and body, and a matching pink blanket.  Kids will like that it rocks like a classic cradle for sleepy time and has a sweet bunny print.

Corolle Mon Premier Cradle with Bebe Calin

We have put together a video to better feature the collection!



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