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Dean and Tori Stroll At The Farmer’s Market

Dean and Tori take the kids to the Farmer’s Market in Malibu yesterday. Even though there were no camera’s rolling, the couple has come under fire from Tori’s mom for making her children ‘reality show props’.

Dean and Tori Stroll At The Farmer’s Market with liam and Stella

In an exclusive letter, posted on TMZ, Candy Spelling blasts her daughter for trying to use their reunion as a ratings ploy, telling her:

You’re responsible for what you do. Life isn’t just a show. And your families can’t just be props. Make your own season finale without creating conflicts you will regret later.

Ouch. I can’t imagine there will be a playdate anytime soon…



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  • Shouldn’t be the mother who has a bigger heart and endless love for their child? Aren’t mom supposed to be the one supporting their kids and will be the one behind the curtains not competing to be in the spotlight with their kids or even grand kids? I do not understand how selfish, cold, immature Candy Spelling towards her daughter. I do not have to read their books nor watch their shows to understand who is at fault. Candy should be very happy for her daughter to be able to raise her family on her own without depending on her dad’s money. If it wasn’t for Aaron Spelling, where will Candy be? Can she even achieve what ehr daughter achieved on ehr own? SO, it is about time to check reality Candy.

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