Del Monte Fresh Produce Recalls Fresh Cut Fruit Containing Gala Red Apple

Check your fridges parents because today Del Monte Fresh Produce N.A., Inc. announced a voluntary recall of fresh cut fruit containing Gala red apples grown in Pennsylvania. The affected product was distributed to a limited number of customers in a few States in North East US and is being recalled because these apples have the potential to be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes , an organism that can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children, frail or elderly people, and others with weakened immune systems.

Royal Gala Apples

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes that Listeriosis symptoms may include fever and muscle aches, sometimes preceded by diarrhea and other gastrointestinal distress. Although healthy individuals may suffer only short-term symptoms such as high fever, severe headache, stiffness, nausea, abdominal pain and diarrhea, Listeria infection can cause miscarriages and stillbirths among women who are pregnant.

A total of 3,051 consumer packages containing fresh cut red apples were distributed to Giant Eagle, Amazon Fresh, Sunoco, Peter’s Fruit, Wegmans, Sheetz and 7-Eleven and have “Best If Enjoyed By” dates of 12/3/14, 12/6/14, 12/7/14 and 12/8/14. The fresh cut red apples have a red color skin. The recalled fresh cut fruit packages containing red apples were distributed for sale in clear plastic containers with one of the following labels and markings:

Finished Product DescriptorPackage size/WeightBIUBRetailerBrand/Label *Lot NumberProduct Quantities
Red/Green Apples W/Dip9 oz12/8/2014Giant EaglePlain Transparent Label233210150
Gala Apples12 oz12/8/2014Giant EaglePlain Transparent Label233210120
Apple W/Dip24 oz12/8/2014Giant EagleFarmer’s Market – Giant Eagle233210162
Apple Tray W/Dip24 oz12/8/2014Giant EaglePlain Transparent Label23321016
Red/Green Apples W/Dip5 oz12/8/2014Giant EagleFarmer’s Market – Giant Eagle23321018
Red Apple Slices12 oz12/7/2014AmazonDel Monte23321016
Red/Green Apples W/Dip5 oz12/7/2014AmazonDel Monte23321016
Pineapple Medley16 oz12/6/2014Giant EagleFarmer’s Market – Giant Eagle2332101156
Pineapple Medley8 oz12/6/2014Giant EagleFarmer’s Market – Giant Eagle2332101114
Apples/Grapes/Cheese7 oz12/6/2014SunocoNature Made233210196
Gala Apples12 oz12/8/2014Giant EaglePlain Transparent Label23321012
Gourmet Bowl64 oz12/6/2014Giant EaglePlain Transparent Label23321014
Pineapple Medley16 oz12/6/2014Giant EagleDel Monte23321016
Pineapple Medley8 oz12/6/2014Giant EagleDel Monte23321014
Snack Pack7 oz12/6/2014Giant EagleFarmer’s Market – Giant Eagle233210114
Apples/Grapes/Cheese7 oz12/6/2014PetersNature Made2332101108
Red Apple With Caramel5 oz12/8/2014PetersDel Monte233210160
Gourmet Bowl40 oz12/6/2014AmazonDel Monte23321013
Red Apples/Grapes/ Cheese/ Dip7 oz12/6/2014AmazonNature Made23321016
Gourmet Bowl64 oz12/6/2014Giant EagleFarmer’s Market – Giant Eagle2332101120
Pineapple Medley32 oz12/6/2014Giant EagleFarmer’s Market – Giant Eagle2332101128
Apple Cinnamon Yogurt6.5 oz12/6/2014Giant EagleFarmer’s Market – Giant Eagle233210144
Gourmet Fruit Bowl4 Lbs12/3/2014WegmansWegmans233210178
Gourmet Fruit Bowl4 Lbs12/3/2014WegmansWegmans233210150
Red Apple Gala12 oz12/8/2014Giant EagleFarmer’s Market – Giant Eagle2332101142
Red and Green Apple With Dip24 oz12/8/2014Giant EagleFarmer’s Market – Giant Eagle233210156
Apple with Dip24 oz12/8/2014Giant EaglePlain Transparent Label233210114
Gourmet Bowl64 oz12/6/2014Giant EagleFarmer’s Market – Giant Eagle233210160
Pineapple Medley32 oz12/6/2014Giant EagleFarmer’s Market – Giant Eagle233210180
Pineapple Medley16 oz12/6/2014Giant EagleFarmer’s Market – Giant Eagle23321014
Pineapple Medley8 oz12/6/2014Giant EagleFarmer’s Market – Giant Eagle2332101140
Red apple With Cheese5 oz12/6/2014SheetzSheetz M-T-O233210148
Apples/ Carrots/ Cheese with Dip7 oz12/8/2014SheetzSheetz M-T-O2332101156
Harvest Blend4 oz12/6/20147-Eleven7-Eleven23321011200

A photo list of the product labels can be found on the FDA’s site.

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