Elevator Delivery of Bronx Baby “A Beautiful Experience”

Ninfa Ramirez, 31, and her husband, Armando Ortiz, 34, headed off to the hospital on Sunday because Ninfa was experiencing labor pains. But upon examination, nurses told the couple that it wasn’t time yet and that they should go home and relax.

That’s exactly what they had started to do. But shortly after Armando dropped his wife off at the apartment, he was summoned back from the pharmacy where he had gone to pick up a prescription. The couple hopped in the elevator and headed downstairs, planning to make their way to the hospital. They wouldn’t make it.

“When we got to the first floor, she said, ‘The baby’s coming,’” Armando said.

So had and two of their friends ended up delivering little Monserrath Ortiz right there on the elevator.

Thankfully, everything turned out okay. Shortly after the delivery, mom and the 9lb, 8ox baby were transported by ambulance to Jacobi Medical Center – the same hospital they had been sent home from.

But the proud parents aren’t miffed about being sent home and having to deliver in the elevator.

“It was a big surprise,” the happy mother said.

Armando called the elevator delivery “a beautiful experience.”

“Now I’m happy,” he said. “Everything is OK.”

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