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Elisabeth Hasselbeck Talks About Pregnancy Weight Issues

Elisabeth glowed with her protruding belly backstage at the Snoopy Fashion Show. The girls on The View spoke about Britney Spears post pregnancy body and pregnancy weight in general.

I have voiced my opinion on this subject many times in the last few weeks, stating that a woman should take care of the baby first and her shape second.

Elizabeth spoke about a personal experience she had while doing photos for a shoot.

“Don’t worry, they will probably airbrush your arms so they don’t look so big. Make sure you stand sideways so that people know you are pregnant in all photos so that you don’t look like you have gotten..uh fat.”

I believe that someone would tell her this because when a pregnant celebrity does a press shoot for anything, they always do the obligatory side shot to show that they are pregnant.

Is is the public that wants women to return to their original size so quickly or the Film and Television Industry? For the record – Britney looks good for a mom of two. The outfit was probably more appropriate for a performance earlier in her career, but no one should criticize her for coming out and being what most wanted her to be.



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